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Friday, September 15, 2006

Is Robert Priddy Well Funded?

Robert Priddy: The Anti-Sai-Baba Extremist

Conny Larsson is a self-professed multi-millionaire who has a close and intimate friendship with Robert Priddy.

Not only does Conny Larsson's Anti-Sai website ("") link directly and primarily to Robert Priddy's Anti-Sai site on the main index page, Priddy and Larsson even sat next to each other when Larsson was soliciting his Anti-Sai Book, "Behind The Clowns Mask", at Stockholm Royal in Sweden:

Larsson And Priddy Sitting Beside Each Other

Conny's book promotion was nothing less than a cheap publicity stunt in which it was alleged that approximately 100 people attended and a reading was performed (hired?) by a Swedish actor, Per Ragnar.

Robert Priddy claimed that I am "well funded" although he can supply no proof that I have ever received any funds from anyone, anywhere or at any time. Robert Priddy does not even have circumstantial proof! Nevertheless, the fact remains that Robert Priddy has no less than 6 current Anti-Sai websites, 6 former Anti-Sai websits, 1 extensive Anti-Sai blog and happens to be a close associate of a self-professed multi-millionaire who is also an Anti-Sai Activist!

Priddy claimed that he is not funded, is retired and lives entirely off his university pension and savings (no doubt some of his saving coming from his Pro-Sai Book, "Source Of The Dream").

Isn't it strange that for someone living entirely off his pension and savings, Priddy had enough money to hire an entire filming crew to film a jeweler's comments that the green-stone ring that Sathya Sai Baba materialized for him was not a green diamond?

Priddy also has enough money to travel to Sweden, sit next to Conny Larsson and publicly promote Conny's Anti-Sai book. Since Priddy contends that I am "well funded" because I have 3 websites composed of many webpages, then Priddy is admitting that he is similarly "well funded" considering that he has 6 websites composed of many webpages.

Unlike Priddy, I think I have more of a right to suspect that he is being funded due to his close, intimate and continuing friendship with Conny Larsson, a self-professed multi-millionaire and Anti-Sai Activist.

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