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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Robert & Kai Nicolai Priddy

Robert Priddy: The Anti-Sai-Baba Extremist

On Wikipedia, Robert Priddy took his smear campaign against me public and complained to a Wikipedia editor named "Angela" about me using his "copyrighted" picture of him and Kai Nicolai Priddy. Robert Priddy said:
Hi Angela, You may recall that you originally enabled the Robert Priddy page on Wiki. On that page I have come under attack there with the following edit: "Contrary Viewpoints A Closer Look At Robert Priddy And His Claims Against Sathya Sai Baba by Gerald Moreno" He has threatened (on the Robert Priddy discussion page) me with deletion of my page and various links to my websites if I do not allow this 'Contrary Viewpoint' to stand. Well, I would accept reasonable and rational fact-based criticism of my work and my activities. However, as you can see if you open the Moreno website against me he not only unlawfully uses a photograph of myself and my son (which he has refused to remove after polite requests from my son), but he copies materials from my books and websites unlawfully, infringing copyright. I can provide full details of these infringements, if it is not obvious enough just by visiting his pages. Moreno attacks all critics of the self-proclaimed God the Father, Sathya Sai Baba, and goes out of his way to defame them and invade their privacy. He is a persistent stalker of critics of Sai Baba, phoning any person he can to try to dig dirt of them. Please look at one example on the webpage of a prominent critic of Sai Baba, Mr. Conny Larsson, and not least also. Therefore, Thanking you for any assistance you may be able to offer to adjudicate in this matter. I would ask you simply permanantly to remove the entry by Moreno on the Robert Priddy page, without - as he suggests - altering any of the links to my websites in my page or on the Sathya Sai Baba main page. Only if he should remove from his pages all clearly defamatory statements against myself and the copyright photo and non-permitted use of my texts. Thanks, Robert Priddy (Reference)

The following picture is the one Priddy is whining about:

Robert And Kai Nicolai Priddy
First of all, this picture was not copyrighted protected to anyone, including Robert and Kai Priddy. It was a public picture that Priddy submitted himself to a public site for others to see. The picture did not come with a copyright notice and I did not take the actual image. Rather, I took a screen-capture of the publicly accessible site, along with the URL (Ref: Picture Not Showing Because It Was Deleted From The Server).

View My Email Correspondence With Kai Nicolai Priddy

Apparently, Priddy thinks I am infringing on his copyrights but thinks nothing when he and his fellow Anti-Sai thugs publicly duplicate pictures of Goldstein, Tigrett and V.K. Narasimhan on their sites! The same was done with my picture and not once did Priddy ever complain about it. However, once the tables were turned, Priddy became a venomous whiner, spewing his frothing-at-the-mouth rhetoric about "copyright infringement".

One will also notice how Priddy repeated the lie that I am "phoning any person" I can get a hold of. This amounts to nothing less than prevarication and neither Priddy or his Anti-Sai thugs can provide any proof of me phoning anyone, anywhere, at any time in relation to the Sai Controversy. Priddy also formerly accused me of "openly claiming" I contacted "the Sathya SaiOrganisation in the U.K. by telephone (Mr Bhagwani)" who replied to my questions, etc (Ref). Of course, Priddy cannot source this claim because I never made it! Priddy just makes stuff up from the top of his pre-senile mind and expects others to blindly believe it (as he apparently has).

Amusingly enough, Priddy thinks that he is perfectly entitled to promote his Anti-Sai Website on Wikipedia without being challenged in any manner, fashion or form! Priddy thinks his slander and defamation against Sathya Sai Baba are justified and any negative information about him is unjustified.

Tough luck Mr. Priddles.


  • At 3:24 AM, Anonymous PLAK said…

    Hi Joe

    Robert Priddy started a string of websites, often under pseudos, spending his spare time and career dedicated in posting severe defamation and smutt campaigns against Sai Baba and any person who had even visited or heard of Sai Baba. In spite of this, the confusing fact remains that Sai Baba has never done anything bad against Robert Priddy himself. Priddy targets this teacher from some personal and perverse enjoyment that aims to malign and willify him and anyone he can on a criminal level. It is clear that this man is not of sound mental health and needs to learn the consquences of his own actions. One become concerned to know that this man has actually been assigned in the past as a teacher in schools to educate young people in "philosophy and sociology" at the University of Oslo.


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