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Monday, September 11, 2006

Robert Priddy Sticks His Foot In His Mouth Again

Robert Priddy: The Anti-Sai-Baba Extremist

Recently, Robert Priddy made the following statements on Wikipedia regarding Kreydick's deposition in Alaya Rahm's Failed Lawsuit Against The Sathya Sai Baba Society (emphasis added by me):
I subscribed to LINK - which website claims to be the No. 1 search facility for all US Court Records and I searched extensively for any depositions made in the Alaya Rahm case. My username there was dc98fd. No record of any deposition by Lewis Kreydick was found, not any reference whatever to the name of Lewis Kreydick. I contacted the support service of Court Records at for assistance, but they were also unable to find the materials I was seeking. Further, the data is not available on any other website found where US Court Records are available, such as at LINK when the correct case number is entered (i.e. 05CC01931). None of the Keydrick materials are formally available court documents, since - as is clear from the Court Record of self-dismissal by A. Rahm - they were not presented in court and the case was dropped. Therefore they are privy to the plaintiff and defendents and their lawyers, which means they are not official, independent sources. A signed statement from the Clerk of Court that these depositions can be regarded as official and public would otherwise be required.

Several persons have contacted the Clerk of Court directly on our behalf at Orange County Court. A former devotee living in California visited the Orange County Court in August (2006) and obtained all the available public documents relating to the Alaya Rahm self-dismissal case. They are:-





Not one of these documents includes any depositions by the Sathya Sai Society, OR ANY REFERENCE TO SUCH A DEPOSITION. Lewis Kreydick was not named in any of the documents. I have scans of all the documents, as paid for to the Clerk of Orange County Court.

we assert they have not been released as public information BY THE COURT, hence as independent sources.

Where, therefore, has the Court instructed and given consent on the monitoring of access to the Kreydick deposition record? I am acting within the guidelines of Wikipedia in removing reference to this and will continue to do so until independent and controllable proof is provided that the Clerk of Court can provide such documents, in which unlikely case I shall require that exact information on how such documents were provided, so that I can also obtain them. I am interested in the result of Moreno's contacts with the Clerk of Court and expect him in the interests of truth to provide documentation of the response he gets, whether pro or contra his case. The fact STILL remains, there is no independently sourced information about the Lewis Kreydick deposition.

On the Superior Court Of California Website → Click on Case Info → Click On "Accept Terms" → Click On "Case" → Enter the Case Number "05cc01931" → All of the pertinent information about Alaya Rahm's self-dismissed court case are provided. All items under "Register Of Actions" can be obtained by the general public (for a fee) because they are now public record. This can be confirmed through the records department: (714) 834-2200 → Press 1 for English → Press 6 → Press 0 → Request the records department → Inquire about obtaining records listed on County Court Of Orange website (however, they cannot give specifics over the phone, i.e., names and content).

Superior Court Of California Website:

*** On 3/16/2006, under "Stipulation - Other", Kreydick's deposition was obtained: Reference.

*** On 4/17/2006, a "Proof Of Service" was filed: Reference.

*** On 4/17/2006, 4 motions were filed in limine by the Society (showing under "Motion/Hearing-Other"). Kreydick's deposition is attached as an exhibit to motion in limine number 4 (with court file stamp showing) and is a part of the official court record: Reference.

Therefore, Kreydick's deposition was filed as part of the official court record. One need only request the four motions made on 4/17/2006 to verify this fact. Furthermore, the scans show the stamp on the top of the page that clearly states: "FILED Superior Court Of California County Of Orange Central Justice Center, APR 17 2006".

Also, since Anti-Sai Activists claim they are in contact with Attorney Brelsford, they should have no problem verfiying this information. Since Anti-Sai Activists apparently have not contacted Attorney Brelsford, it appears that Anti-Sai Activists are once again making hollow claims that they cannot back up whatsoever.

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