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Friday, September 08, 2006

Robert Priddy Literally Stumbles Onto The Scene

Robert Priddy: The Anti-Sai-Baba Extremist

After many years of hiding in his hole, Robert Priddy decided to make his grand entrance on Wikipedia and fell flat on his face. Priddy (utterly and completely incapable of a rational discussion) babbled and lied himself into the limelight, only to expose himself as a whiny, garrulous and spiteful person who cannot conduct even the most remedial of reseach before jumping to unsupported conclusions and shamelessly lying about others unapologetically.

Now everyone can see how Priddy truly conducts himself in public and how he operates on the premise of paranoia, suspicion and presumption of guilt with no proof! Apparently, Priddy's paranoia is not limited to Sathya Sai Baba. It seems to be a permanent mind-set.

Unfortunately for Mr. Priddles, his lies are now part of the permanent record on Wikipedia. I have written about these shameless and bold-faced lies on this blog. See "RELATED BLOG LINKS":

I will conclude by saying, "I told you so".

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