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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Say What?

Robert Priddy: The Anti-Sai-Baba Extremist

On the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Talk Page, Robert Priddy said:

SSS108 (Gerald 'Joe' Moreno) is an extremely active pro-Sai activist with four pro-Sai websites containing altogether many hundreds of pages pushing his POV wholly one-sidedly (as witnessed here on Wikipedia) as he also does on several blogs and numerous bulletin boards, most especially and in sexually-explicit language on Yahoo Groups sathyasaibaba2. (Reference).

First of all Priddy needs to tell us the names to my "four pro-Sai websites". I only have three:, and What is the name to my "fourth website"?

Secondly, Robert Priddy accused me of using "sexually-explicit language on Yahoo Groups sathyasaibab2". Why doesn't Priddy cite examples? I am not aware of using any kind of "sexually explicit" language on the SSB2 Yahoo Group. I most certainly have quoted obscene, vulgar and "sexually explicit" language from Sanjay Kishore Dadlani (whose "sexually explicit" language Priddy has never complained about).

Priddy also does not complain about his 3 Anti-Sai Sites, Sanjay's 22 blogs, Reinier's 17 sites and their numerous and wholly one-sided posts on the internet numbering in the thousands! I don't see Priddy complaining about Barry Pittard "numerous posts" on bulletin boards and forums. In Priddy's dictatorial world, only Anti-Sai Activists are entitled to express their views and others are not. Sounds rather cultish, if you ask me.

Come on Mr. Priddles, back up your comments for once!

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