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Monday, September 04, 2006

Defamatory Attack Three: Response 3

Robert Priddy: The Anti-Sai-Baba Extremist

Robert Priddy's Erroneous Accusations Against Me
Moreno's posting on his his website are endorsed by the "heart-toheart Group" of Radio Sai (under the authoritarian leadership of Vice-Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, G. Venkataraman) in e-mails linking to Moreno's website! Thus the Vice-Chairman of the International Sathya Sai Organisation endorses Gerald Moreon's slanderous and untruthful website!

Leave it to Robert Priddy (the well-known and fully exposed deceiver, plagiarist and embellisher) to distort the facts with misinformation and over-generalized statements. I am not aware of Venkataraman personally emailing anyone with links to my site. There was a circulating e-mail from the "Heart2Heart Team" relating to my article about Alaya Rahm's Failed Lawsuit (no link to my site provided). As a matter of fact, the email inaccurately cited information from my site. The email stated the following:
Sai Ram Dear Subscriber!

Here is an important news.

As you are aware, for quite some time now, totally unfounded, despicable, pernicious and absolutely false rumours have been circulating about our Beloved Swami. Not only have these rumours been spread through e-mails and the internet, but some unscrupulous TV channels have enough gone so far as to fabricate so-called documentaries and aired them in many countries.

Over the years, we have received from devotees across the world, many e-mails and letters expressing deep distress and
anguish. In respect of spreading falsehood, the notorious BBC documentary appears to have hurt most.

We now have some very good news for all devotees, especially for those who for years have been suffering the pain of seeing all these rumours and false allegations being eagerly lapped up by the gullible.

The news is this:

The young man who made most of these allegations against Swami and who was the star accuser in the malicious and vicious BBC documentary, filed a case in California in January, 2005.

The case was set for hearing on April 28 th, 2006.

During the handling of the lawsuit, witnesses were identified and interviewed, who were present in Prashanti Nilayam, when the molestations alleged by the plaintiff were supposed to have taken place.

One of the witnesses, Mr. Kreydick was examined by lawyers and the proceedings were recorded on video tape. This happened on March 16 th, 2006 . Subsequently, the video deposition was made into a typed deposition, which Mr. Kreydick signed on April 7 th, 2006. He also issued a personal statement to the effect that although he originally believed in the allegations made against Sai Baba, he later discovered that there were many critical discrepancies and contradictions in the allegations made by the plaintiff and the anti-Sai community in general. His said that all these allegations had a hidden bias. He therefore retracted his earlier position in support of the allegations.

This marked the turning point. The young man who filed the complaint then dismissed his own lawsuit on April 19 th, 2006.

The case was then dismissed with prejudice. It means no damages to the plaintiff, and that the case can never be filed again in any court in America or in India.

Yes, dear Subscriber! Truth always triumphs!!

Please spread the good news to all you know and do everything you can so that Sai devotees everywhere hear this news immediately and rejoice.

The message that has come out, loud and clear is that TRUTH ALWAYS TRIUMPHS, though it takes its own sweet time to do so.

Soon, Radio Sai and H2H will bring to you a special feature giving you all the details of this glorious triumph.

Meanwhile, rejoice.

Once again, we request that you share this good news with as many as you can.

Let it spread like wild fire, burning away all the residual doubts and misgivings.

Thank you and JAI SAI RAM.

With Love and Regards,
"Heart2Heart" Team.

Kreydick did not issue any "personal statement" claiming that he originally believed in the allegations and retracted his former beliefs. I am the person who made those comments and it was inaccurately attributed to Kreydick. If I was really involved with the Heart2Heart Team one can be certain that this misinformation would never had been emailed to anyone. As a matter of fact, I have never been contacted by anyone from RadioSai or the "Heart2Heart" team (except for an apology from them after emailing them about their oversight regarding Kreydick). Since no link to my site has ever been published on the RadioSai website, or in their emails, no one is "endorsing" me as Robert Priddy erroneously contended. Therefore, Priddy lied about the Heart2Heart Team "linking to" and "endorsing" my site. The Heart2Heart Team's reaction to Alaya Rahm's Failed Lawsuit was entirely justified. Alaya's self-dismissed court case has been nothing but a total embarrassment for the Anti-Sai Movement.
Though Moreno alleges otherwise , he is de facto as official an Internet spokesperson for defence of the entire International Sai Organisation as there is, which is abundantly evident from his many web pages and that he has no other work but is well-funded (unlike myself, being retired and living entirely on my university pension and savings).

Where is Priddy's proof that I "have no other work"? Where is Priddy's proof that I am "well-funded"? Since Priddy contends that he is an honest person, certainly he can back up all of these claims with verifiable information. Right? Unfortunately, Priddy does not provide a scintilla of proof or evidence from any reliable sources to back up any of his claims against me (which he does with Sathya Sai Baba as well). Priddy loves to speculate and create frenzied conspiracy theories because he is a paranoid and pathetic liar, deciever and twister of the truth.
For example, he openly claims to have contacted the Sathya SaiOrganisation in U.K. by telephone (Mr Bhagwani) who has replied to his questions etc. This alone shows he is working in the interests of the Sai Organisation also with the full knowledge and endorsement of the UK President of the National Sathya Sai Organisation and Central Coordinator for UK etc. Further, he has claimed on a bulletin board personally to know 'several' of the five persons who were given brand new expensive cars by Sathya Sai this year (paid for by donations of devotees!!), one of which five was none other than Venkataraman!

Robert Priddy is telling his big fat lies again. Where did I say I contacted the Sathya Sai Organization in th U.K. or Mr. Bhagwani by telephone? I never said that, nor has it ever happened! More bold-faced lies from Robert "Robin" Priddy. The only person I contacted by email was the webmaster for the Sathya Sai Website (in the USA) about a misprint they made in reference to a meeting that occurred at Harrow High School, not at Westminster. This oversight was promptly corrected by the webmaster.

Westminster sent a letter to Ashok Bhagani in which they expected him to correct an error on the Sathy Sai Website although they never sent him a link or reference to the page in question and although Bhagani is not the webmaster for the Sathya Sai Website!

Because of this misprint, Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard jumped to the worst case conspiratorial view and accused the entire Sai Org of "Disinformation & Subterfuge". Priddy & Pittard continued to accuse the entire Sai Org of subterfuge even after the correction was made. These are the extremists who are attempting to portray themselves as rational, sober and balanced. They nit-pick and obsess over trivial details and caricature them like people suffering from mental abnormalities.
Correction and additional notes: (July 15th, 2006): Due to information from a colleague who was contacted by Gerald Moreno, the IP has now been located on e-mails he has sent (the IP he himself claimed was there - on a mail to Conny Larsson - click here] , and I have been shown [click here] that this server is currently located at Angel Fire, New Mexico. Due to blocking of Moreno unwanted mails via my server, I have received no e-mails since the first couple years ago - which I soon trashed, so I could not trace him. Further information provided me shows that - since he began his defamation campaign against Sai Exposé writers - he has also variously mailed from the following IPs: IP [Las Cruces, New Mexico click here] and anonymous (Loopback) at

So the truth now comes out that Anti-Sai Activists have my IPs when they formerly claimed they did not. Robert Priddy does not provide any headers to the alleged anonymous IP he accused me of having used. He does not cite which email it was found on. No details. Nothing. Also, Robert Priddy recieved emails from me (and gave responses) even after he said I was blocked from his server (Reference). This is the way Robert Priddy deals with people who ask valid and just questions that challenge his flimsy authority and lamentable arguments against Sathya Sai Baba. Priddy throws a hissy fit and blocks people (yes, there are others) from his server and glibly states: "Your e-mail is now blocked as you are persona non grata with me."
It has also been pointed out to me that Gerald Moreno surfs anonymously (eg. having visited pages with cloaked IPs for years) ,and now he has begun to visit ExBaba at last using his own IP from Las Cruces [no doubt as damage limitation and further basis for more denials about his long struggle for anonymity].

Where is the proof that I have surfed the ExBaba site under a "cloaked IP for years"? Why hasn't anyone pointed this out before (until now, years later)? What is the cloaked IP that the Exbaba site is claiming I used? How would the ExBaba site know it was me if I was under a cloaked IP? Since I am a webmaster, I know how IP tracking works and IPs are only saved for a month at the most. Also, this issue regarding my IP is a recent one. No one ever complained about my IP or that I was using a "cloaked IP" until just recently. One is left to wonder why the Exbaba site was tracking my IPs all these years and never brought up the issue before?
The new IP is a variant on an old one he used in mails to various people: IP (click here). I am further informed that Moreno has used the IP [located by DOTS GeoPinpoint at Farmington, New Mexico] in a previous mail sent from visvarupa108. He also recently sent a mailform to Exbaba, which was forwarded to me, with theIP [located by Melissa data as being at Farmington, New Mexico] but, strangely, also located by GeoSelect version II at Deming, New Mexico! (click here) All this makes quite clear that Moreno IS using various different IPs from various locations, including cloaked IPs to visit exposé websites (all of which his response time to new postings shows he scours almost daily!).

I have 3 local dial-up access numbers. Each access number resolves to a different location because my ISP is not located in New Mexico (it is a national ISP) and each access number is routed differently. Anyone with multiple access numbers knows this to be an indisputable fact. Many IPs do not resolve to the exact city the user resides in. Usually, but not always, the IP resolves to the State the person is residing in. Since Priddy has all these IPs for me, obviously, I did not try to hide my IP in the past, am not doing so now and never have. Robert Priddy has no proof that I used a cloaked IP. He is speculating, being untruthful and continues to make comments supplying no verfiable data whatsoever.
Gerald Moreno has refused to give and address, phone number or other means of checking his identity both before and since it was allegedly posted by Reinier van der Sandt on some now extinct website. It is certain that he uses other anonymous IP's on the Internet, shown by information from the webmaster of that none of the above-listed IPs for Moreno have ever appeared on the visitor tracking data of that website. Moreno advised Alan Kazlev to search the Internet for "Gerald Moreno 2540 S. Espina" did not match any documents. So this address - which Moreno seems to suggest was his as of 2005 - still cannot be confirmed independently. It now further appears, since he has moved to another IP area, that he would also have changed address since then. Therefore Gerald Moreno still hides as best he can operates anonymously as he can, hiding behind a name which is still publicly unverifiable by any independent source by which his identity can be established.

Robert Priddy, Reinier Van Der Sandt, Sanjay Dadlani, Tony O'Clery, other prominent Anti-Sai Activists and all alleged victims have refused to give their full address, a working phone number or other means of checking their identities. As a matter of fact, Robert Priddy refused to give out his phone number because he didn't want to have "unwanted disturbances". Although Priddy refused to give out his phone number, he hypocritically stated that I should! And to Anti-Sai Activists of all people! Priddy also defended Pittard's right to keep his address private and said about it, "one which any citizen has a right to keep private if he or she wishes". Apparently, Anti-Sai Activists are entitled to keep their addresses private but I am not!

"Reinier Van Der Sandt" (his "web name", real name unknown) published my full contact information on his website. Even the Anti-Sai Journalist, Ojvind Kyro, contacted me by phone. How could Kyro contact me if I am not who I say I am? Kyro relayed my contact details to Anti-Sai Activists, which they promptly published. Priddy and Anti-Sai Activists are now claiming that I am using a fake identity. They were absolutely convinced of my identity and blasted it on the internet when Reinier had his 77 attack pages (created in 36 days) against me (Ref: Look at the results).
Having been exposed time and again as a defamer hiding behind the Internet, Gerald Moreno is apparently trying to gain some credibility, a futile task in the eyes of any neutral observer who visits his contrived and slanderous web pages (i.e.if not for some hate-blinded Sai devotees). The reasons for Moreno's having tried to hide away for so long, and continuing to lieas low as he can, may be his fear of legal action, well knowing he has broken US copyright laws and would also be liable to conviction for unsupportable slander and defamation in a court of law. If he wishes to make his true identity available through confirmable sources without it being posted for all to see, he can - for example - send the necessary information - full independently verifiable of his identity - to Alan Kazlev or by Guestbook mailform to van der Sandt.

What a laughable and lamentable paragraph! Martin Alan Kazlev communicates often with Robert Priddy (as told to me by Kazlev himself). Kazlev criticized me even though he openly said (more than once) that he does not have the "time", patience", "interest" or "inclination" to research my claims or my site! Kazlev "skimmed" (his word) through my articles and drew superficial conclusions based primarily on the word of Anti-Sai Activists. Kazlev made many spurious claims about me and my website and I had to correct him numerous times. Click Here to view M. Alan Kazlev's amusing biography in which he rants about his past lives and refers to himself in a weird way (talking about his "non-human" and "human" sides and strange references to himself that change based on whether or not parethesis are used).

Some of the content on my website includes copyrighted material that has been duplicated under the premise of "fair use" in section 107 of the US Copyright Law (just as is done on Anti-Sai Sites). In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any such (and all) material on my websites is distributed without profit and is for research, commentary and reference purposes only. Unlike Anti-Sai Activists, I fully reference information cited on my website, provide full links and provide the full name to the author in question.

One will also notice how Robert Priddy is trying to threaten me with legal action. He can be certain that I am fully prepared to reciprocate and unlike him, I have a vast index of caches to support all of my comments. He can be certain that his unsupported and unverifiable defamations and slander against me will not go unchallenged or unheeded. This is not the first time that Anti-Sai Activists have attemtped to bully others with legal threats. Barry Pittard attempted to bully other with legal threats and even the Exbaba site stated in April 2005: "Their identities and locations are currently under professional investigation and they can then expect to face the consequences having left themselves wide open to hefty damages claim from a number of individuals."

Just more proof that Robert Priddy is a gossip queen who can't substantiate his comments with any sort of verifiable data.

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