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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Screencap Falsifier Extraordinaire Robert Priddy

Screencap Falsifier Extraordinaire Robert Priddy

In an utterly psychotic post, Robert Priddy ranted endlessly (as he usually does) against Gerald Joe Moreno on his Anti-Baba Wordpress blog and actually had the temerity to indirectly admit that he resorted to screencap fraud but (as he glibly noted) “I have never altered any texts he actually posted”! Robert Priddy’s “magic-bullet” excuses are not just retro-actively ineffective but pro-actively inert. Let us take a look at Robert Priddy’s actual words:

Some select quotes:
Robert Priddy: Gerald Moreno is a known and widely and independently proven abuser of facts and truth – claiming my copies of his web texts are ‘fraudulent’ when I have never altered any texts he actually posted. Moreno cannot prove otherwise, however much he writes! No meaningful part of his text or his images has been altered or counterfeited in any way! So his claims are totally without any serious basis, as those who wish to search can discover. He rants on and on about pointless details and loses all sense of proportion and normal sane evaluation as follows (this is but a small sample of his virtually endless ravings):

The above statement is another Moreno tit-for-tat, for I first pointed out that he shows all the signs of mental instability. His characterisation of me is illustrative of what can only be a deep unconscious projection of his own negative ‘shadow’ personality onto me. The same inflammatory style of subconscious projection has been fully demonstrated by him in hundreds of web logs/pages against many other ex-devotees of Sai Baba.

Robert Priddy actually thinks it is OKAY to create and publish fraudulent, falsified and counterfeited “screencaps” of Gerald Moreno’s webpages as long as the text remains unchanged! I am sure that this type of despicable behavior is okay in Robert Priddy’s looney-tune world, but the real world would regard this behavior as dishonest, crooked and contemptible. By engaging in screencap fraud (which depicts Moreno’s text in manipulated and falsified templates), Robert Priddy has proven himself to be a con-man, liar and deceiver.

Of course, the BIG questions that Robert Priddy does not answer are:

  1. How exactly is he obtaining and creating his bogus and falsified “screencaps”?

  2. Why should he use bogus screencaps in the first place? Why not just cite the text? Why go slithering around falsifying, altering and manipulating bogus screencaps and presenting them as actual images taken from Moreno’s domain?

Robert Priddy is a fanatic and extremist who will go to great extents to justify his perversions and falsifications and present them as legitimate, honest and sincere!

Gerald Moreno openly challenged Robert Priddy on October 16th 2009 to publish the full “screencaps” he alleges he possesses of Moreno’s domain. To Date: Robert Priddy has adamantly refused to publish those alleged “screencaps”. Robert Priddy justified his inaction by saying:
Robert Priddy: “He further claims that I have posted counterfeit screencaps from his site (which was often changed and – for a long period – blocked from being archived thus making independent wayback archival proof impossible) and that I and other have ‘refused’ to show the full evidence) No such refusal has been issued, it is just not worth bothering with such empty exchanges with Moreno. However, so as not to break copyright rules by posting a complete download of his former series of pages, I offer this on a one-to-one basis to anyone who contacts me through the comments section here asking for this, but only on conditions of confidentiality (and they must not be mischief-makers like Moreno).”

In actuality, Robert Priddy’s “refusal” is abundantly evident as he has refused to publish the “screencaps” he alleges he possesses. As one can see, Robert Priddy thrives in secrecy under the cloak of darkness and under the conditions of “confidentiality” where he cannot be held accountable for his actions.

ATTENTION: I, Gerald Joe Moreno, hereby grant Robert Priddy full permission to duplicate and publish the screencaps he claims to possess. I, Gerald Joe Moreno, release Robert Priddy of all copyright liabilities since the screencaps are of my domain and since full permission has been given to Robert Priddy to publish them.

Robert Priddy’s excuse for not publishing the screencaps is utterly preposterous. Robert Priddy allegedly fears breaking “copyright rules” although he has already published dozens of screencaps from Moreno’s domains and blogs and has already broken copyright rules!

The only repercussion that Robert Priddy has to fear is more public humiliation for his blatant acts of screencap fraud. It has been abundantly evidenced that Robert Priddy is deceptively manipulating Moreno’s templates and he is undoubtedly attempting to buy time to make his counterfeited “screencaps” more believable. As of today, it has been seven and a half months since Moreno issued his challenge to Robert Priddy.

Robert Priddy’s Fraudulent Screencaps: Example 1

On Robert Priddy’s domain, he published a modified version of the following faked ‘screencap’ against Moreno, which Priddy’s hosting company forced him to delete after Moreno filed a DMCA complaint with them (Moreno’s picture has been covered and the thumbnail pic can be enlarged by clicking on it):

Obvious Discrepancies With The Fraudulent Screencap:

  1. Notice the complete difference in width.

  2. The picture is offset.

  3. The text is offset.

  4. The spacing between the text “~About Me~” and the picture is incorrect.

  5. The spacing between the picture and the text is incorrect.

  6. The bogus screen-cap states “New Mexico ~” when it should read “New Mexico, USA~” (the word “USA” is completely missing).

  7. The line that reads “I’m captivated by India” should be on one line. On the bogus screen-cap, it isn’t.

  8. The text on the original page is tightly snuggled between two side-bars. Notice the vertical, pink line on the bogus screencap (showing a gap where the other sidebar was obviously added). This vertical line is nowhere to be found on Moreno’s geocities website.

  9. Notice that the spacing between the sidebars is significantly wider than it is on Moreno’s geocities website. For instance, the sentence “For the past 14 years I have traveled many times to India” fills the entire space between the sidebars. On the bogus screencap, there is additional spacing on both sides of that sentence although the extra word “I’m” was added (note that the font size has been set in the html).

  10. The line that reads “I’m rational, logical and down to earth. Yes, seriously. I’m Caucasian/Italian/Mexican Blend and 34 years young” is the very last and concluding statement on the page. It is not (and never has been) located in the introductory comments, conclusively proving the screencap was faked.

Robert Priddy’s Fraudulent Screencaps: Example 2

Homoerotic Fantasizer Robert Priddy published the following screencap on his defamatory Anti-Baba blog that he alleged was taken from Moreno’s domain. In truth, the screencap most certainly did not come from Moreno’s domain! Even the title on Robert Priddy’s bogus screencap was messed up (whereas the title on Moreno’s webpage has never been messed up).

Obvious Discrepancies With Robert Priddy’s Bogus Screencap:

  1. The URL resolves to Moreno’s domain. Needless to say, Moreno never published his geocities webpages on his domain.

  2. The title on Moreno’s geocities webpage is on one line. On Robert Priddy’s bogus screencap, it is on two lines although the font size is exactly the same.

  3. Notice that the full screencap was not provided. Only a certain section.

Moreno’s geocities webpages were made using geocities webpage-maker. Therefore, all of the pictures and text in Moreno’s articles are set to exact specifications that cannot be easily duplicated on other websites. It certainly appears that Robert Priddy copied Moreno’s image files and attempted to mess with the html with obvious and messy results!

A simple way to falsify the screencap is to simply replace the web address with a different one. A simple tactic that anyone can do in a matter of seconds. For example, look at the following screencap. By observing it, one would think that the Albert Einstein template was published on Moreno’s domain. It wasn’t. The web address was simply changed and then the screencap was taken.

These are the types of shameless liars, deceivers and counterfeiters who are attempting to portray themselves as credible and moral voices against Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!

Robert Priddy’s Fraudulent Screencaps: Example 3

While researching his article about David Bailey and Thomas Wiehe’s Phone Conversation, Gerald Joe Moreno found three more fraudulent “screencaps” on Robert Priddy’s official domain: See for yourself (click the thumbnail to enlarge):

Obvious Discrepancies With The Bogus Screencaps:

  1. Notice the complete difference in width (Moreno’s webpage is set to exact HTML width specifications).

  2. Notice the blue background is missing.

  3. Notice how the font looks different.

  4. Notice a yellow icon next to the red arrow (which has never been published on Moreno’s domain).

In truth, Robert Priddy’s bogus “screencaps” were not taken from Moreno’s official website but were falsified and counterfeited by Con-Man Robert Priddy. Moreno’s webpage is set to exact HTML specifications in regards to width and Robert Priddy’s screencaps are half the size of Moreno’s webpage (proving they are frauds)! View Moreno’s Official Webpage Here and compare it to the bogus “screencaps” published on Robert Priddy’s official domain: (simply roll your cursor over the following links to view’s image captures):




Robert Priddy is a liar, deceiver and falsifier who is so desperate and frenzied to smear Gerald Joe Moreno, he apparently needs to resort to blatant acts of screencap fraud and apparently doesn’t care if everyone sees him doing it! Now readers have a better idea why Gerald Moreno often refers to Robert Priddy as a mentally imbalanced “extremist” and “fanatic” in need of orthodox psychological help.

Robert Priddy Distracts With Ad Hominem Attacks Against Moreno

Robert Priddy took off on a rabid ad hominem attack against Gerald Moreno, accusing him of “projection” and saying that an unnamed psychologist claimed that Moreno was suffering from OCD. Of course, Robert Priddy’s feral attacks against Sathya Sai Baba, Sai Devotees and Pro-Sai Activists “can only be a deep unconscious projection of his own negative ‘shadow’ personality” and is indicative of OCD. Robert Priddy’s argument against Moreno applies to him as well.

Regarding the OCD claim, the following argument that Robert Priddy used can be mirrored back at him: “His envious and obnoxious speculations about my personality – which all who know me are aware – are entirely false, yet he presents them as if they were factual! He has never met or seen me.” If Robert Priddy can shield speculations about his mental health by using the argument above, so can Moreno. Needless to say, Robert Priddy engages in obnoxious speculations about Moreno’s personality even though he claims Moreno has no right to engage in speculation about his personality!

Robert Priddy is an egotist who thinks he is perfectly entitled to judge others but feels he should not be judged. Hypocrisy, clear and simple.

Robert Priddy (deviating further off topic) then published composite images in an attempt to smear Moreno. And yet, Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard published composite images on their Anti-Baba blogs and believe there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so:

- Pseudo-Moralist Robert Priddy
- Pseudo Moralist Barry Pittard

Why the double standards? Poor Robert Priddy! The only time he opens his mouth is to stick his foot in it.

Screencap Falsifier Extraordinaire Robert Priddy:

Needless to say, Robert Priddy has a long and established history of distortions, lies, defamations and libels.

  1. Robert C. Priddy is a laughable pervert who had the audacity to fabricate sexual molestation claims against Gerald Joe Moreno.

  2. Robert C. Priddy is a laughable con-artist who published fraudulent screencaps against Gerald Joe Moreno and adamantly refuses to vindicate his claims by publishing full screencaps to Moreno’s domain.

  3. Robert C. Priddy is a laughable stooge who attributed his own computer’s IP to Gerald Joe Moreno.

  4. Robert C. Priddy is in perpetual denial and publicly defends his laughable SheilaWaring Lie even though other critics have distanced themselves from that controversy.

  5. Robert Priddy is a laughable LSD Advocate who even cited a Pro-Drug Forum intended for Drug Users to defend his LSD-induced hallucinations.

  6. Robert Priddy claimed to possess telepathy without the aid of LSD and claimed to possess telepathy with the aid of LSD!

  7. Robert Priddy is a malicious defamer who was sent packing with his tail between his legs when Leo Rebello Threatened Him With A $1,000,000 Lawsuit For Defamation.

  8. Senile Robert Priddy stated that Moreno claimed he was sexually abused under his Joe Apodaca Submission even though Moreno never made such a claim.

  9. Robert Priddy is a Pseudo-Moralist Clown who loves to attack others for composite images while endorsing and publishing composite images himself!

  10. Robert Priddy delusionally claimed that Sathya Sai Baba Personally Invited Him To India.

  11. Robert Priddy formerly Worshipped & Kissed Sathya Sai Baba’s feet.

  12. Robert Priddy Maliciously Lied About Joy Thomas and refuses to retract his bold-faced lies.

  13. Robert Priddy claimed he had a Telepathic Connection To Sathya Sai Baba.

  14. Robert Priddy documented a Homoerotic Dream With His Former Guru that involved the guru sucking up and swallowing a substance associated with his sex chakra!

  15. The list goes on and on.

Of course, none of these things are surprising considering that Robert Priddy is an LSD Advocate who is thoroughly obsessed with genital oilings and who relishes projecting his homoerotic fantasies onto Moreno. Robert Priddy is allied with Bisexual & Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson and Child Porn Purveyor RFJ Sandt and Perverted Fetishist Sanjay Dadlani. Robert Priddy is also a staunch promoter of New Age Advocate & Reincarnator Alan Kazlev and Guru & UFO Promoter Timothy Conway (who actually believes that Sathya Sai Baba may have molested alleged victims like aliens are alleged to do through abductions!).

The only people guilty of running “massive disinformation and cover-up campaigns” are Robert Priddy and Ex-Devotees who have attacked hundreds of Sai Devotees & Non-Devotees alike and who have created hundreds of webpages to defame, libel and smear Gerald Joe Moreno. What more can one do but laugh at loud at Robert Priddy and his hypocritical finger-pointing?

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