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Friday, April 24, 2009

Legal Threat Sent Robert Priddy Packing

Legal Threat Sent Robert Priddy Packing

Dr. Leo Rebello, N.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.F.Hom, MBA, is the Director of Natural Health Centre, Bombay. He has delivered over 10,000 lectures in 63 countries (including WHO, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNDP, UNEP, UN-HABITAT conferences), has written 30 books and has been interviewed by the world media.

Due to Leo Rebello’s critical (albeit private) emails about Mary Garden’s book “The Serpent Rising”, Ex-Devotees herded together (as they typically do) and spammed Leo Rebello with numerous hate emails.

Leo Rebello responded likewise and wrote what definitely appeared to be highly confrontive and defamatory responses. However, Leo Rebello wrote his replies privately, without attempting to give them publicity on the internet. Needless to say, Robert Priddy (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba and others) decided to publicly smear Leo Rebello and published selective and private emails allegedly sent to him by Leo Rebello. Robert Priddy purposely misspelled various email addresses (so they could not be identified) and purposely misspelled his own name as “Rob*rt Pr*ddy” so as to “avoid undue web publicity from search engines for myself”. Noticeably absent were many of the emails that prompted Leo Rebello’s responses in the first place.

Going for the jugular, Robert Priddy publicly published Leo Rebello’s alleged emails with Mary Garden and others on the following three websites:




Leo Rebello responded by threatening Robert Priddy with a million dollar legal suit for defamation and:

  1. Publicly accused Robert Priddy of being a homosexual.

  2. Publicly accused Robert Priddy of being sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba.

  3. Publicly accused Robert Priddy of having a gay lover named “Ronald Pallas”.

  4. Publicly alleged that Robert Priddy was suffering from AIDS.

  5. Publicly alleged that Robert Priddy used bogus email IDs.

  6. Publicly alleged that he filed a legal suit against AngelTowns and sent copies to the Mumbai Police, Interpol, Euro police and Swedish police.

In emails no longer online, Rebello alleged:

  1. Robert Priddy was suffering from “schizophrenia”.

  2. Robert Priddy was a “nitwit”.

  3. Everyone at were “homosexuals”, “drug addicts“ or “vagabonds“.

  4. Robert Priddy wrote a lot of “shit”.

  5. Robert Priddy wrote a lot of “spam”.

  6. Robert Priddy was a “buffoon” and compared the ExBaba admin to “deranged gang members”.

  7. Robert Priddy was a “nut case”, “sick man” and a “mentally deranged person”.

By reading Rebello’s opinions about Robert Priddy and Ex-Devotees, one could definitely say that Rebello’s opinions were defamatory and libelous. HOWEVER, what was Robert Priddy’s response to Leo Rebello’s million dollar legal threat?

First, Robert Priddy egotistically challenged Leo Rebello and said:
Robert Priddy: So it is with confidence that I would face Rebello in the Norwegian courts, where whatever reputation he may have will really be destroyed in a sound public fashion (note: I am not under any Indian jurisdiction, of course). In any case, my counter-damages would be considerable, of course, and he will have to face all the costs too. The only problem is, in the most unlikely even of him appearing in this country which I know so well, it would be utterly boring and distasteful to have to do with such an unbalanced person as one can see he is from his ravings and (judging by his fixation on gutter sex language) such an apparently sexually-disturbed individual.

Then what did Robert Priddy do? Robert Priddy immediately and promptly deleted all of his public webpages against Leo Rebello although it appeared that Leo Rebello was the one guilty of defamation. WHY did Robert Priddy (who often makes legal threats against others) cave in so quickly to Leo Rebello’s legal threat? Could it be there was some truth to Leo Rebello’s claims about Robert Priddy?

I suspect there was.

I also suspect that Robert Priddy and Ex-Devotees sent Leo Rebello highly defamatory emails as well (which would explain their absence on Robert Priddy’s former Anti-Rebello websites).

As a matter of fact, the following email (sent at 2:42 A.M.) from Robert Priddy (which he publicly released and self-disclosed on AngelTowns for years as public domain) provides revealing insights as to what provoked Leo Rebello to write what he did:

Robert Priddy: Dr. Leo Rebello, Having found out some of what you wrote to Mary Garden as according to the new posting on the web (, I recognise that you are clearly a King among that broad class of people who are “ignorant and arrogant”. Probably you have imbibed too much of your own urine and other products. I know the whole story of the contorted ayurveda which is now largely ancient superstition from a time when people died not even knowing the actual causes... and you have the temerity to proffer yourself as a candidate for the Swedish Nobel Prize in medicine! Some hopes you do have! One has to chuckle at your supreme witlessness.

You are just a self-promoting parasite on well-known people (Weve seen the promo photos and your sheepish pride such as with the famous like Deepak Chopra, another expensive cheapjack). Who do you think you are to talk about abortion as murder, when you have murdered your own intelligence with your overweening ego and grasping nature... and indirectly share the heavy responsiblity with your absurd brain-washed AIDS propaganda for the awful sufferings and unnecessary deaths of countless AIDS victims. You in your ridiculous rainbow-coloured coat... not a Jacob but a patronising skunk whose words show your lack of normal human decency, absence of compassion and moral stupidity. Besides, the Brahma principle, as you would probably call it, does not enter the human foetus until around 14 weeks, and you don't even know that!

Never fear, the advance of medicine will sweep away all the detritus of your perverted kind of ‘spirituality’ in the course of time as the race evolves. You most probably believe in hell... so may you be happy in it! With righteous scorn for an all-round indecent priggish and wholly unconvincing ‘man’. And you are being monitored carefully by people you are not aware of. Take good care, instead of mouthing off...

Robert Priddy also published the following disgusting picture of Rebello on his angeltowns account:

This is the way pseudo-moralist Robert Priddy typically attacks his detractors.

According to Leo Rebello, he was sent harassing emails from:

  1. (Ronald Pallas, who happened to have the exact same IP as Robert Priddy, raising the suspicion that the name “Ronald Pallas” may be a pseudonym.)

  2. (Rienier Van Der Sandt)

  3. (Reinier Van Der Sandt)

  4. (Sanjay Dadlani)

  5. (Brian Steel)

  6. (Ravi Chandra - Unknown and raising the suspicion that the name “Ravi Chandra” may be a pseudonym.)

  7. (Mary Garden)

  8. (Glen Meloy)

  9. (Glen Meloy)

  10. (Conny Larsson)
  11. (Norbert K Hinna - Unknown)
  12. (Barry Pittard)
  13. (Unknown and a suspected pseudonymous account)

  14. (Unknown and a suspected pseudonymous account)

  15. (Robert & Reidun Priddy)

  16. (Robert Priddy)

  17. (Robert Priddy)

  18. (Robert Priddy)

  19. (Robert Priddy and/or Randi Godager - “anir” was the name of the root folder to one of Robert Priddy’s Anti-Baba websites and it is unknown why “Randi Godager” would use an email address that resolved specifically to Robert Priddy’s Anti-Baba domain, raising the suspicion that the name “Randi Godager” may be a pseudonym.)

One can’t help to wonder why Ex-Devotees spammed Leo Rebello numerous times under various email addresses. It certainly appears that Ex-Devotees attempted to portray themselves as different people (under various email accounts) and were caught in the act by Rebello.

Leo Rebello’s Original Comments About His Legal Threat Against Robert Priddy On Indymedia (Since Deleted By Indymedia Because Of Priddy’s Defamatory Comments And Due To A Legal Threat Against Them As Well):
Dr. Leo Rebello 29/10/2004 08:39

For more details contact Dr. Leo Rebello
Email :
Website :

The topic above is World Parliament and look at what this moron called Robert Priddy is writing. The so-called defamatory emails that he is referring to were all in response to his spamming and mudslinging. I do NOT know this bum personally. Robert Priddy claims that he is a British scholar, who earlier retired from Swedish university and now residing in Oslo, Norway. This 70+ nitwit sometimes writes that he retired as Lecturer and sometimes as Professor of Sociology and Philosophy. Earlier he taught Botany!!! He also worked for Satya Sai Baba and was obviously used by Baba. Hence, he and his insane colleagues have started a website called in which they say that Baba screwed many of them at Putthaparthy. If their charge that Baba is a Homosexual is true, then Baba obviously knows who are Homosexuals!!! Robert Priddy is one of them.

This Robert Priddy and his other colleagues on all of a sudden started spamming me in mid-December 2003 and continued till January 2004, till I served a legal notice on them and complained to various authorities.

Briefly the case is: One Mary Garden, the writer of The Serpent Rising, resident of Australia sent me her said book duly autographed, for REVIEW in Indian media. I do not know her personally. Infact, it is her publisher who first got in touch with me by scanning Indian authors and publishers directory.

On reading the said book I found it very disgusting and I wrote to her and the publisher that I would not be reviewing it. Thereafter, the whore unleashed madmen like Robert Priddy on me and they would spam me daily hitting below the belt and I too in turn give them good. During one month, I carpet bombed them with about 40 replies, including a notice to Mary Garden. She kept quiet, but this crook called Robert Priddy continued because no one had challenged him before about his dirty habits.

Homosexuals, as you would know always attack from behind. Since they could not fight with me, this Robert Priddy and "her" husband Ronald Pallas put some webpages on since it offers free hosting. Robert Priddy is suffering from AIDS, "because AIDS is predominantly a disease limited to Homosexuals" Dr. Gordon Stewart, Emeritus Professor of Public Health, Universityof Glasgow, UK (for more details read my book AIDS and Alternative Medicine soon going into 4th edition due to popular demand).

I came to know of this piddling Priddy's mischief about three days ago and served a legal notice on, with copies to Mumbai Police, Interpol, Euro police, Swedish police, etc. Immediately the said defamatory matter was removed and the confirmed that offending ininformation was listed for the user called Ronald Pallas IP: email:

I did further search to find out whether the mischief of these Homosexual idiots had spread and found that even on responsible Indymedia this man had planted the above libelous comment. This therefore is my candid reply.

Now let us come to Mary Garden's book The Serpent Rising, with which this nuisance started. Mary Garden of Australia has documented some of her forays into sex, drugs, and vagrancy in that book. Here are some nuggets: Sai Baba, she says, is a hermaphrodite & homosexual - page 44 and talks of surrendering to him - page 16. Then she runs away from him because he played footsie with her but did not call her to his bedroom. She is therefore disappointed and runs away to Rishikesh in the Himalayas. There she gets pregnant from Balyogi - page 203. She then aborts a 4-month fetus (a boy according to the nurse who puts the fetus in the dustbin) in a Delhi Nursing Home and feels it was a murder - page 211. Next she has encounters with Rajneesh in his dark chambers in Pune, etc. etc. The cover page shows Rajneesh working on her. Prior to meeting all these "unholy men" like Satya Sai Baba, Balyogi Premvarni and Rajneesh (her words), Mary enjoyed drugs & sex with older men in Auckland, by the time she was 16 - page 5. Infact her sexual experiments started at a very young age when the neighbour took her and her sister in a hen house and made them do felatio. And such a pornographic book she has dedicated to her two children. The details about her husband are missing.

I received the said book on 2nd December, 2003. After reading it I wrote to her that I was disappointed with her book and I will NOT be reviewing the same since it was semi-pornographic. So, she got wild and pressed into service Robert Priddy (;;); Ravi Chandra (; and these other persons with emails like;;;;;;; (I do NOT know any one of them), and they started spamming me till I sent them the following warning :-

----- Original Message ----- From: DR. LEO REBELLO To: ;
Cc: ;
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 12:09 PM
Subject: Robert Priddy -- your spam returned

ROBERT PRIDDY Thrice you have said that you have my telephone number. So, what can you do? You also have my complete postal address. So, what can you do? I do not operate from behind post box addresses or bogus email IDs like you. You have also seen my photographs with the Prime Ministers, Presidents and other dignitaries on my website: So, what can you do? This is your final warning, Robert Priddy. Piss off. Or you will spend the rest of your life in the Indian jails.
Best wishes for your sanity
Dr. Leo Rebello

So, this explains the full story.

Now, what I wish to know from Indymedia is whether they periodically check the violations on the Net or not. This Robert Priddy's libelous comment on me has been displayed on Indymedia since February 2004. In these months, it must have done immense harm to my reputation. Now, I want it to continue along with this my candid reply till the matter is solved.

Eventhough Angel Town has immediately removed the offending page that Priddy refers to; I have served a one million-dollar damages claim on them. If Indymedia were to remove this comment and not apologise to me, and/or post other such mischievous comments from some bogus, I will make Indymedia also a party in the defamation case. Other mischief-makers should also take note.


Mischief on and by Indymedia
Dr. Leo Rebello 15/11/2004 06:23

One Robert Priddy has put a mischievous comment as under:

Dr. Leo Rebello
Not applicable 15/02/2004 12:36

Against this, I posted a counter comment on 29th October, 2004, at about 2.00 PM. You were also notified on Saturday, October 30, 2004 1:16 PM vide an email. Till today, my counter has not appeared nor have you replied to this deliberate mischief. So, there seems to be a clear violation of netiquettes and I may be constrained to send you a defamation notice and/or institute criminal proceedings against Indymedia if this mischief continues. So, please post my reply to Robert Priddy, immediately. Thanks.

Robert Priddy loves to reference his libels to other people on the internet. Even referencing his sexual abuse libels against Moreno to Basava Premanand (who libeled Moreno the same way).

Consequently, if one were to use the exact same standards against Robert Priddy (that he used/uses against Moreno), he would be implicated in a rats nest of allegations that include homosexuality (let us not forget his son’s use of dildos and transvestites as theatrics in his music band and Priddy’s homoerotic dreams), AIDS, drugs, fake names, etc., all supported by a legal threat that sent Robert Priddy packing with his tail between his legs!


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