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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Source Of The Homoerotic Dreams?

When Robert Priddy was a Sai Devotee for 17 - 26 years, he gave tremendous importance to his dreams (especially those relating to the Indian Guru Sathya Sai Baba). Firmly believing that his Sai-related dreams were direct psychic contacts with the Guru, Robert Priddy wrote a Pro-Sai book entitled “Source Of The Dream - My Way To Sathya Sai Baba” in which he related numerous dreams, scouring every aspect of his life and memory to attribute meaning and significance to them.

Robert Priddy claimed that Sai Baba cured him of a chronic spinal problem through a series of “dream-operations” that resulted in a literal and physical transformation of his spine. Robert Priddy said of Mr. Kylie (“an osteopath and master of various other disciplines”):
“Almost at once he claimed that neither of the two sets of my X rays from different years were mine, because in them the lower spine was in a much more serious condition than I proved to have when he examined it physically. It showed an excessive curvature and a lower vertebra that was badly and permanently displaced. He was even surprised that I was able to walk about with it! Without any comment whatsoever from me he remarked, ‘I would have staked my professional reputation that these X rays are not yours!’ However, my name was photographed into each one. He asked me what on earth I had been doing - how the great improvement in my spine was achieved. I told him I had hardly been able to walk much of the time, let alone exercise. He shook his head and said, most perplexed, that anyway there was simply no method or exercises he knew whereby I could have made the condition so much better...It was not until afterward that I remembered the dream of the operation ‘under anesthesia’ and the bandages on my thighs and mid-riff on either side of the crisis point in my lower spine! Before the ‘rat in the drum’ episode I had even been unable to walk about the house for long without having to lie down. Yet within a month I had gone to India, sitting on airplanes and walking for hours in a day without more than a few tensions! Though I had felt sure that Baba was helping me, I had not realized how radical a change this had required to my anatomy!...I am of the opinion that through my illness I am working off karma from a previous lifetime. I am concerned that it should not be healed only temporarily (i.e., postponed) by whatever means, but that I should be able to suffer it through now, while I have the spiritual support of the living avatar himself.” (Source Of The Dream; “Enigmas of Suffering and Healing”; pp: 179, 181)

Among Sai literature, one can find a variety of stories relating to alleged cures and healings effected through “dream operations” from Sai Baba. Therefore, this type of paranormal phenomena was not unique to Robert Priddy.

After Robert Priddy defected from the Sai Movement, he wrote an Anti-Sai book entitled “End Of The Dream - The Sathya Sai Baba Enigma”. Robert Priddy now believes that all Sai-related dreams are the direct result of one’s subconscious focus, desires and projections.

Therefore, what do the following two dreams reveal about Robert Priddy and his subconscious focus, desires and projections?
“In another (dream) he took my head and neck on his lap, where I rested it fully as he stroked away the pressures.” (Source Of The Dream; “Enigmas of Suffering and Healing”, pp. 174-175)

“Dream of August 18, 1985: I was in our living room with Reidun and my son Kai. Baba came in and spoke to them, whereupon they withdrew to another room. He came over to, bent forward to where I sat, and put his mouth on mine. He breathed into my lungs long, slowly and very deeply, then drew the breath out of me again. I was able to perceive a sort of brownish, gaseous fluid being drawn up from the very root of the spine (the muladhara chakra). This poisonous substance was fully drained off, and Sai Baba looked at me as he swallowed it, appearing momentarily just like the imposing Shiva with a blue throat and the characteristic pile of hair.

Comment: I awoke, immediately, very early in the morning. The experience in the dream left a very strong impression on me. The meaning of the ‘kiss of life’ in life-saving is symbolic, so the dream suggests that my life was saved...What ailment it was that this ‘dream operation’ can have cured me of is uncertain, but I had been awakening at night in a feverish sweat and a truly awful sensation that some sort of poison was gradually rising up my spine. It was so real to me, even though the sensation went away when I awoke, that I felt that it could even mean death if it rose much futher up the spinal column. The last time it occurred, just days before the dream, I had called out for help from Sai Baba and had also taken several spoons of amrit (which we saved from my visit to the temple where it issued from a locket)...Yet I have not experienced the feverish and painful awakening from ‘rising poison’ again.” (Source Of The Dream; “Enigmas of Suffering and Healing”, pp. 174-175)

Since Robert Priddy now contends that Sai Baba is a fraud, then it would appear that his dreams were the result of his desires and projections. Such being the case, one is left to wonder why Robert Priddy would desire to lay his head on Sai Baba’s lap, imagining Sai Baba to “stroke away the pressures”. One is also left to wonder why Robert Priddy would desire Sai Baba to kiss him on the mouth and draw up impurities associated with his “muladhara chakra” (the subtle “sex center” often associated with sexual energy, sexual desire and the genitals).

Using Alan Kazlev’s pseudo-psychologist reasoning (that he used against me), perhaps Robert Priddy saw Sai Baba as a “pretend homosexual lover” and “much loved surrogate father figure”. This is not far fetched because Robert Priddy admitted he did not have a stable father figure in his life (which he divulged in his writings). Since Robert Priddy has never dissented with Alan Kazlev’s bogus psychological-profiling against me, then I see no reason why I cannot cite Alan Kazlev and apply Kazlev’s reasoning to him and his apparent homoerotic dreams.

Anti-Sai Activists can often be seen insinuating sexual impropriety against Sai Baba over mundane and very public events. For example, see On that page, Reinier Van Der Sandt (and whoever helped him create the page) suggested that Sai Baba was being attended by “boys boys boys” and insinuated that a male devotee purposely put his head near Sai Baba’s groin and that Sai Baba smiled because of it. Therefore, I see no reason why I cannot similarly interpret critic’s behavior using the same standards they apply to Sai Baba.

Robert Priddy’s apparent homoerotic dreams would perhaps explain why he is so strongly infatuated obsessed with Sai Baba. Perhaps Robert Priddy is projecting his self-hate, fear, irrationality and negativity about his subconscious and latent homosexual desires onto Sai Baba? Why else would Robert Priddy subconsciously dream of Sai Baba kissing him on the mouth and drawing up impurities from his sex-chakra and swallowing them? Robert Priddy is a big advocate of “projection” and believes that Sai Devotees essentially “project” divinity, holiness and purity onto Sai Baba. So why is it that Sai Devotees are trapped in their “positive projections”, yet Robert Priddy denies (and refuses to address) his “negative projections”, which seem to revolve mostly around sex?

Amusingly, Robert Priddy had a former Indian Guru (a Swami of the Ramakrishna Mission to whom Priddy attributed numerous psychic phenomena) prior to coming to Sai Baba and entertained thoughts that the Swami was a womanizer. Apparently, this Swami foresaw the truth about Robert Priddy with amazing accuracy:
“Only recently was I told that this Swami (since deceased), said to devotees of me that I was “very strong and also later, that I was a sceptic. A ‘septic tank’.” A typical nasty pun, doubtless used on all who rejected him as ‘the master’. This came from one of whom I always spoke about to others and wrote about very respectfully (as in my published book ‘Source of the Dream’ - praising SB, where I describe my relationship to him and to SB at the time).”

Although Robert Priddy can often be seen presenting himself as a self-righteous voice in the Anti-Sai Movement, he is a fierce defender and promoter of Sanjay Dadlani, who has been thoroughly exposed (with proof) as being a sexual deviant of the worst order. Robert Priddy casually dismisses all of Sanjay’s vulgarities and obscenities, yet whines and snivels about morality and ethics! Robert Priddy attacks Sathya Sai Baba with his typical gutter and venomous accusations emanating directly from his skeptic “septic tank”.

Robert Priddy also had the following to say about Sai-related dreams:
“The phenomenon of ‘psychic invasion’ is widely reported in many connections, often with so-called ‘spiritual masters’ or gurus. Apparent invasive experience in dreams or waking ‘visions’ – both positive and negative - are usually considered to be symptoms of some form of mental ‘illness’ in many countries, and quite extreme malignant sorts of dream and vision are experienced as completely real by such persons as once regarded as having become ‘possessed’ by incarnate entities. One can however, be certain that phenomena exist and are widespread, but how the originate and how far they are the result of external forces or persons who are using ‘powers’ remains very controversial and largely not researchable by scientific methods thus far.”

Amusingly, since Robert Priddy had over 300 dreams of Sai Baba, he conceded that he displayed “symptoms of mental illness” when he was a Sai Devotee. As a matter of fact, Robert Priddy even related other Sai-related dreams after he defected from Sai Baba, furthering the case that he still suffers from “symptoms of mental illness”. It appears the only time Robert Priddy opens his mouth is to stick his other foot in it or to kiss Sai Baba in his dreams.


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