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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Does Robert Priddy Have AIDS?

Does Robert Priddy Have AIDS?

Robert Priddy (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba and others) made the following comments on his Anti-Sai conspiracy blog about Lisa de Witt (a Pro-Sai Activist):

Robert Priddy: “However, Moreno (joe108) has widely supported his co-worker - the insufferable Lisa de Witt, who wrote that I am a fascist, a pervert, an alcoholic, a liar and a ‘bozo’ etc., and who also promoted the idea already years ago that I was dying of AIDS.”

Although it is true that Lisa de Witt is a Pro-Sai Activist, she rarely contributes to Moreno’s articles and emails him (on average) perhaps once a week.

Lisa de Witt immediately contacted Joe Moreno about Robert Priddy’s claim that she said “years ago” he was “dying of AIDS”. Lisa de Witt adamantly denied ever making such a comment. Since Robert Priddy never sources his claims against others and repeatedly attributes comments to people who never made them, Moreno believes Lisa de Witt.

Of course, this is not the first time that Robert Priddy falsely attributed comments to others. Joe Moreno has had to write several “Fighting The Smears” Articles (01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09) defending himself from Robert Priddy’s falsely attributed claims and bold-faced libels.

In actuality, Leo Rebello was the person who said “years ago” that Robert Priddy was dying of AIDS. Robert Priddy (whose failing memory appears to be the onslaught of senile dementia) cannot even remember who said what about him and falsely and erroneously attributed Leo Rebello’s comments to Lisa de Witt:
Leo Rebello: “Homosexuals, as you would know always attack from behind. Since they could not fight with me, this Robert Priddy and "her" husband Ronald Pallas put some webpages on since it offers free hosting. Robert Priddy is suffering from AIDS, "because AIDS is predominantly a disease limited to Homosexuals" Dr. Gordon Stewart, Emeritus Professor of Public Health, Universityof Glasgow, UK (for more details read my book AIDS and Alternative Medicine soon going into 4th edition due to popular demand).” (Reference)

Leo Rebello: “Since I am NOT a homosexual, I won't touch a filthy, diseased bastard like you. But if you need my help, I shall certainly help you as a doctor, to treat you of AIDS.” (Reference)

Leo Rebello: “Mike, in all your dealings please always stay on the right track and do not entertain sick men like Robert Priddy. He is dying of AIDS and I forgive his antics. He cannot defame me, because I walk the right path. I do not bend before some senile Guru with my pants down, like him, and then cry hoarse that the Guru did me from behind......” (Reference)

Needless to say, Moreno was fully prepared to dispute and deny the AIDS accusation made against Robert Priddy had Lisa de Witt admitted she made it. In the past, Moreno came forward and defended the Anti-Sai Extremist Basava Premanand from highly questionable claims made against him. An anonymous internet source said Premanand had a concubine, cheated on his wife and that Dr Kovoor died of syphilis. Despite Moreno’s public defense of Basava Premanand from those highly questionable claims, Basava Premanand (several years later) had the audacity to attribute those highly questionable claims to Moreno: See For Yourself.

Robert Priddy was threatened with a million dollar legal suit for defamation by Leo Rebello. What was Robert Priddy’s response to Leo Rebello’s legal threat? Robert Priddy immediately and promptly deleted all of his public webpages against Leo Rebello although it appeared that Leo Rebello was the one guilty of defamation. WHY did Robert Priddy (who often makes legal threats against others) cave in so quickly in face of Leo Rebello’s legal threat? Could it be there was some truth to Leo Rebello’s claims about Robert Priddy?

Robert Priddy is always free to come forward with “documentary evidence” (which he often demands from others) and vindicate himself of the highly questionable AIDS claim made against him.

What say you, Robert Priddy?

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