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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Robert Priddy - A Time Line

Robert Priddy - Anti-Sai Extremist - A Time Line

25-9-1936 - Born in Cirencester, England as Robin Crichton Priddy (also used/uses the names: ‘Robert’, ‘Rob’, ‘Bob’ & ‘Priddles’).

1940 - Robert Priddy began kindergarten at Miss Higgs, Cirencester, England.

1941 - Robert Priddy went to governess with the Languish family, then to Cirencester Junior Grammar.

1942 - Robert Priddy moved to Cambridge. Went to St. Faith’s School.

1943 - Robert Priddy moved to Roffey Park, Horsham, Sussex. One year at St. George’s School, Horsham.

1944 - Robert Priddy began at Wisborough Lodge Preparatory School, at Wisborough Green, near Billingshurst. Attended with A.J. C. Weill, Fraser Pemberton, Stephen Harvey, George Harvey, David Pennington and Shaun Mather. Father in process of losing his job. Mother and father in the process of divorce. Robert Priddy did not attend a well-reputed school on the cliffs above Beachy Head because the elderly headmaster displayed homosexual tendencies towards him.

1947 - Robert Priddy became part of a group of bullies and wrote about tormeting and teasing a Jewish boy. After intervention from teachers, the Jewish boy was eventually accepted into Robert Priddy’s group of bullies. Robert Priddy had a “fairly lively fancy” of convincing his closest friends of stories that were completely untrue (i.e., telling lies), which even included a story to commit suicide.

1948 - Robert Priddy was visited by his father, who informed him that he was moving to South Africa. Robert Priddy was devastated. Robert Priddy moved to stay with his aunt & uncle at Gidea Park, Essex and began at Royal Liberty School there. Robert Priddy conceded that his boarding school years and separation from his mother and father caused him psychological “trauma”, “insecurity” and “emotional numbing” that took “decades to work off”.

1951 - Robert Priddy’s father died.

1952 (July) - Robert Priddy moved to Sutton Surrey.

1953 (November) - Robert Priddy joined the Merchant Marine as apprentice deck officer with Greek-owned London and Overseas Freighters, London. Sailed from Liverpool in December on MT ‘London Glory’ on an 9-month world tanker tramp tour. Visited about 20 countries in five continents.

1954 (September) - After a month’s leave in Sutton, Robert Priddy joined MT ‘London Pride’ for 3-month tanker tramp service. Left the Merchant Marine at Christmas.

1955 (March) - Robert Priddy joined the RAF as an Air Signaller cadet. Stationed at Swanton Morley, near Dereham, Norfolk, for 1 year for technical and flying training (in Ansons & Perceval Prentices). Others recruited were John Berriman, Butler, Leroyd, Nigel Hardinge, George Barr, Peter Yates, George, Lindsay, Geoffrey Allen, Nugent, Cullen, John ‘Ginger’ Mason and Tom Boad.

1956 (March) - Robert Priddy became RAF Sergeant Air Signaller. Posted to Transport Command, RAF Thorney Island near Portsmouth (flying in Vickers Vikings), then RAF Dishforth Transport Command Conversion Unit (flying in Vickers Valettas) near Leeds, Yorkshire.

1957 (January) - Robert Priddy left RAF by “feigning incompetence”. Planned on how to “get the chop” and purposely made his logbook into a “glorious hodge-podge of every kind of omission and futile mistake”. Became a “Z reservist” (the last group to be called in the event of a war), which was, according to Priddy, “quite a boon!”. Started as shipping journalist in the City of London for the ‘Syren and Shipping Illustrated’, Billiter St. as assistant editor. A cushy job with lots of junket trips etc.

1958 - Robert Priddy started a dance/jazz trio & began evening gigs at the Grotto Club, Baker St. The Grotto Club, mainly for Roman Catholics, offered live dance and jazz music in 1958/9. Together with Roger Coulam (then studying at the Guildhall College) and a drummer (most often Ivor Tyler) formed a trio to play three nights a week at a small cellar club in Baker Street.

1959 - Robert Priddy resigned journalist job and left Grotto Club to go on tour with the Kenny Barker Quartet to Aberdeen, Scotland. Experimented with the psychedelic agents cannabis. First visit to Norway, followed by move to Norway in December, and since has been officially resident there.

1960 - Social work at home for delinquent boys in Kittilsrud, near Drammen, Norway. Subsequent work in printing works, then as English clerk for an import/export firm.

1961 - Robert Priddy took A-levels in London, then began at the University of Oslo.

1962 - Robert Priddy studied sociology. Stayed for 3 summer months in Paris. Sold the New York Times on the street. After 18 hours of fasting, took five blue capsules of Sandoz LSD-25 and had a life-altering drug-induced hallucination, which was described in two auto-biographical accounts entitled “The Psychedelic Experience” and “Truth, Being And Bliss”.

1963 - Robert Priddy travelled to France, Italy, Greece & Turkey for 3 months. Married first wife in UK in July.

1964 - Son Kai Nicolai Priddy born. Moved to Stockholm, Sweden, and worked for 1 year in three institutions for delinquent/disturbed children and youth (Hammarsgarden, Ski Edeby & Katarinabangatan).

1965 - Robert Priddy returned to studies in Oslo: History of Ideas. Experimented with other “strong biochemicals” and had another drug-induced hallucination, which was described in an auto-biographical account entitled “A Vision Cosmic Energy”.

1968 - Robert Priddy completed studies, majoring in philosophy (continental ‘Magister degree’). Began teaching at University of Oslo.

1969 - Robert Priddy began as researcher at the Institute of Social Studies, Oslo.

1972 - Robert Priddy returned to teaching full-time at University of Oslo. Diverse publications in philosophy & sociology of knowledge in this period.

1973 - Robert Priddy encountered an Indian Swami of the Ramakrishna order, to whom he attributed several astounding psychic abilities, and became a casual devotee. The Indian Swami told Priddy that he should always remember Sai Baba or he “could go mad”. In later years, the Indian Swami prophetically told others that Robert Priddy was a skeptic ‘septic tank’.

1981 - Robert Priddy took one year’s sabbatical and stayed near Crickhowell, Wales.

1982 - Robert Priddy returned to Norway & continued teaching.

1983 - (January) Robert Priddy’s mother suffered from chronic pain for six years and suddently stopped taking pain medications after encountering an unknown “very nice” African or Indian man with Afro-style hair who told her “You will have no more pain!”. Robert Priddy attributed this “miracle” to Sathya Sai Baba. (October) Mother died peacefully.

1984 - Robert Priddy’s first journey to Bangalore, India to meet Sathya Sai Baba.

1985 - Robert Priddy stopped teaching work due to lumbar problems. Subsequently pensioned as invalid. Engaged mostly in music production and writing since then.

1987 - Frequent visits to India - nine in all. Also many UK visits through they years - probably about 35 times, and diverse other European visits, such as for teaching or in organisational work.

1989 - Robert Priddy claimed that Sathya Sai Baba miraculously cured him of lumbar/spinal problems (from which he pensioned as invalid) through a series of psychic dream-opeations.

1991 - Robert Priddy privately published the book “The Human Whole”, which was a study of psychology from a combined Western and Vedantic viewpoint, inspired by the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba.

1992 - Robert Priddy completed “Back To The Source”, a compilation and index of over 18,000 authorized sayings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

1994 - Published autobiographical book, “Source of the Dream”, which contained personal, miraculous accounts with the Indian Guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba, whom he hailed as God Incarnate and Avatar Of The Age. Thirty-one years later, Robert Priddy still praised and eulogized his LSD-induced hallucinations from the early 1960’s in this book.

1998 - Robert Priddy published 23 articles in Sathya Sai Baba’s monthly journal “Sanathana Sarathi” from 1988 - 1998.

2000 - Robert Priddy began malicious campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba, whom he worshipped for 17-26 years as God Incarnate and Avatar Of The Age. The Ramakrishna Indian Swami’s prophetic comments about Robert Priddy being a skeptic “septic tank” and that he “could go mad” if he did not always remember Sai Baba were fulfilled.

2004 - Robert Priddy published the Anti book, “End of the Dream: The Sathya Sai Baba Enigma” through the tabloid rationalist, Basava Premanand.

Present - Robert Priddy waging almost daily smear campaigns against his former guru on a personal blog and six websites. Also caught using incognito internet identities and was exposed for anonymously spamming an online forum with Anti-Sai links (despite his ceaseless bashing and trashing of anonymous people).

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