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Friday, August 29, 2008

Robert Priddy's Copyright Blathering

Robert Priddy Attempting To Remove Past Biographical Data From The Internet Under The Pretext Of 'Copyright Infringement':

Robert C. Priddy created his own Wikipedia page in which he publicly solicited himself as a notable person in relation to Philosophy and his former Indian Guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Robert C. Priddy released his biographical data on a personal website hosted by a free, online hosting company in Norway ( On this free web-hosting domain, Robert Priddy personally disclosed biographical data that included stories of his experimentation with LSD, cannabis and other drugs as well as information about his early years. Robert Priddy deleted many of these public domain webpages after he defected from the Sai Movement (Ref).

Although Robert C. Priddy is now attempting to remove his relevant, unsavory, public and self-disclosed biographical data from the internet, he (as well as his Anti-Sai associates) duplicated complete text content from Pro-Sai websites (including RadioSai) and added commentaries to them. When the same is done to him, however, he cries “copyright infringement” although the biographical material in question was released by him into the public domain as self-disclosure.

Proof That Robert Priddy Is Attempting To Suppress His Biographical Information, Which He Feels Is A Direct Liability To His Personal Credibility And Integrity:

- Robert Priddy personally contacted my webshosting company with complaints of copyright infringement and my webhosting company found his copyright complaints without merit and disregarded them.

- Robert Priddy personally contacted Google with complaints of copyright infringement and Google found his copyright complaints without merit and disregarded them.

- Robert Priddy personally contacted Wordpress and filed copyright complaints about the publication of his LSD-induced hallucinations and a story about his younger years. Since Wordpress is a moderated free blog, they asked that the articles be deleted, which was done.

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