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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Robert Priddy Lies Again About Joe Moreno

On Robert Priddy said (under his oxymoronic name “truthpromoter”):
“To defend my reputation in advance it has become necessary to point out how every posting made by any ex-devotee anywhere on the Internet is followed wherever possible by defamatory comments by GM108 or joe108 (Gerald Moreno) fanatical web-stalker who posts links to side-issues, libel and his trivialities daily. Employed full-time doing dirty tricks to defend Sai Baba and his Organisation. He twists the truth to claim that I am stalking HIM, but I have made no blogs about him (as he has about me) nor any webpages against him (which he has on a grand scale against me!). I am simply warning against his libels.”

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Robert Priddy has yet to refute what he calls my “side-issues”, “libel” and “trivialities”. I FULLY reference my articles, unlike Robert Priddy who simply denies, deflects and foams-at-the-mouth (as can be seen by his comments on the screen-cap above). The only person “employed full-time” and using “dirty tricks” to attack Sathya Sai Baba is Robert Priddy (as can be seen on his six Anti-Sai Websites). The reason why I have so many webpages about Robert Priddy is because my thorough documentation of his massive fraudulence is very well established.

Robert Priddy said (about me):
“I have made no blogs about him (as he has about me) nor any webpages against him.”

Needless to say, this is yet another bold-faced untruth from Robert C. Priddy. Take a look at the following webpages where Robert Priddy directly and specifically attacks me. Some of his comments are many paragraphs in length and one webpage anonymously defames me and makes numerous unsupported comments against me:












Robert Priddy created an anonymous website attempting to libel me on angeltowns2 and they terminated his account for defamatory content and for violating their terms and conditions (Refs: 01 - 02). Robert Priddy also attacked me anonymously on the QuickTopic forum using the fake name “bandbox” (Reference). Robert Priddy lied about me on a public forum and I responded to his untruths in my article entitled Robert Priddy And His ‘Babafan’ Lie. In addition to these, Robert Priddy made numerous gutter untruths against me on Wikipedia. See:

Therefore, when Robert Priddy said “I have made no blogs about him (as he has about me) nor any webpages against him”, he lied because his numerous comments, libels and defamations against me are not only published on his Anti-Sai Webpages, they are fully recorded on Wikipedia and other public forums.

Robert Priddy also solicits and promotes the defamatory blog of Sanjay Dadlani (who has been fully exposed for his trashy and kinky killuminati blog, streetbitches blog, his Jesus sex fetish and his QuickTopic Deceptions).

Robert Priddy also promotes Alan Kazlev’s defamatory pages against me in which he plays the role of bogus psychiatrist (because he has no credentials in the medical or mental health fields). It is also amusing that Robert Priddy promotes Alan Kazlev when Priddy made fun of the “lunatic fringe” often seen in cults and religious movements (Reference).

As I have said many times before, the more Robert Priddy says, the less I have to defend. Robert Priddy makes the case for me that he is a mentally unstable defamer who lies about others unapologetically (all the while harping on morality, ethics and honesty). Robert Priddy stands exposed, humiliated and ashamed, all from his own doing. He has no one else to blame but himself and no amount of deflection, foaming-at-the-mouth and denial will save him now.

After publishing this page exposing Robert Priddy’s easily verifiable lie about not having created any webpages against me, Robert Priddy went about secretly deleting content against me (offering no explanations, apologies or retractions). The pages deleted or modified were:







Robert Priddy is now (for the most part) including one paragraph garbling about Alan Kazlev’s webpage against me along with a link going to The following screencaps show how information against me was published on the websites above. Another perfect example how Robert Priddy & Co. stealthily attempt to do damage control when their bold-faced lies are thoroughly exposed and documented:

Below: Screen Shots Of The Deleted Anonymous Webpage Against Joe Moreno (click on images to enlarge):

Below: Screen Shots Of The Deleted Anonymous Webpage Against Joe Moreno:

Below: Google Results Showing Joe Moreno’s Name:

Below: Before & After Screen Shots Showing Deleted Section:


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