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Friday, March 13, 2009

Pre-Senility Or Just Blatantly Inaccurate

Pre-Senility Or Just Blatantly Inaccurate?

The following screencap was taken from Robert Priddy’s Anti-Baba wordpress blog (click to enlarge):

Robert Priddy: “Among a plethora of sites, which he manipulates in such a way as to leap higher in Internet search engines results, Gerald Joe Moreno has a blogsite: sathyasaibaba. It operates under the pseudonym Equalizer.”

Robert Priddy began his blathering tirade against Moreno with laughable inaccuracies.

First and foremost, Robert Priddy and Ex-Devotee's have a “plethora of sites” which they “manipulate in such a way as to leap higher in Internet search engines results” (Ref). Robert Priddy is obviously disgruntled by the fact that Moreno’s WordPress blog significantly outranks his and Barry Pittard’s WordPress blogs (Ref). Robert Priddy created a new Anti-Baba WordPress blog entitled SathyaSaiBabaNews in a shameless attempt to deceive readers into thinking his blog is Pro-Baba when it most certaintly is not. Robert Priddy also purchased the domain with the malicious intent to fraudulently impersonate an official UK Sathya Sai Organisation domain!

Secondly, Moreno’s SathyaSaiBaba WordPress blog is published under the name of the blog, i.e., “sathyasaibaba” (just as Robert Priddy’s blog is published under the name of his blog, i.e., “robertpriddy”). Moreno has never (ever) published any article on his WordPress blog under the pseudonym “Equalizer”. Obviously, Robert Priddy's mental faculties are failing him and his embarrassing blunders are there for all to see! Robert Priddy is easily disoriented and apparently confused Moreno’s WordPress account with his Blogger accounts. Let “scholar” Robert Priddy come forth with his credible and verifiable references to prove that Moreno used the pseudonym “Equalizer” on WordPress. Needless to say, Moreno has never (ever) attempted to withhold or suppress his identity or involvement on his Blogger accounts, unlike Anti-Sai Critics who purposely suppress their identities on their Blogger accounts (as in the cases of the saibaba-invigilator blog, nitwitnastik blog, saibabatribune blog, saibabaexposed blog, etc), against whom Robert Priddy has never complained.

These types of typical inaccuracies infest and plague Robert Priddy’s writings to such an extreme degree, one can only wonder if Robert Priddy’s mental faculties are in a severe state of atrophy. Moreno simply does not have enough time to address all of Robert Priddy’s egregious errors; nevertheless, many of Robert Priddy’s bold-faced lies, disinformations and defamations have already been refuted by Moreno on his webpage entitled: Robert Priddy, Oslo, Norway.

Robert Priddy is highly inaccurate and has thereby lost all credibility. Why should Moreno respond to all of Robert Priddy’s cry-baby whining, fanatic propaganda and bilious rhetoric?

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